Dear Parents/Guardians Mid-Terms begins 22nd February, 2019 and ends on the 25th February,2019.School resumes on the 25th February 2019.Thanks by management


to our schools website and to the new academic calendar, we are excited to have you join the starward family. As you begin a new term with us we want to ensure you have a good grasp of student life at starward.

This website has information on who we are and how the school operates on daily basis, we trust that this will serve as another way to access standards that are subscribed to at the school.

Please make time to visit pages on this website, This will help you understand the school, how it is managed and conduct expected of each member of Starward school, as we all work together to develop a better understanding of each other, respecting each other  and respecting rules.We can be assured of a successful outcome by the end of the academic calendar.

I will like to officially welcome you to Stanward school.

Head mistress: Mrs Linda Adadevoh


Stanward Preparatory School is an ultra-modern day school ranked among the top private educational institutions in Ghana. The student population is diverse from over 21 countries across the globe. 


Stanward School has its tradition of discipline and excellent examination results. Since the school reached the Junior High School level in 2007, we have made 10 appearances at BECE and no one has ever failed. 


The school places great emphasis on promoting a variety of co-curricular activities so that every student gets the opportunity to discover his/her potential in something he/she is really good at. It is a must for every student to belong to at least one club. 


Vision-To produce pupils who will fit in very well at every aspect of society,That is socially responsible citizens
Mission-To contribute and help educate everychild living in Ghana t the basic level