Computer Lab

there are  well furnished computer lab  . Staff and students have access to these labs.
ICT has been introduced as a subject from the lower primary right through to the High School. ICT classes are held in the computer labs, giving students the opportunity to have a practical experience.The labs are also made use of by students to carry out research assignments at all levels.

Science Lab

The School has a well-equipped science lab It is a general science lab where students receive practical lessons in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. It gives students an opportunity to apply and carry out practical experiments on what they have been taught in class, thereby enriching their understanding of the various subjects.


The school has empolyed its own catering staff that provide the foodstuff for the students to buy within the campuses. This allows us to keep the students within the confines of the school during school hours. The canteen services are available from 6:30a.m to 5:00 p.m every week day. The mini shop opens on weekdays from 6:30a.m to 9p.m and on weekends from 8:00a.m to 9p.m.


The School currently boasts of a well stocked library,  serving the nursery  the lower primary and the the  junior high departments.

Students are allowed to borrow books at any time and given a stipulated date by which the book should be returned. The School has secured an electronic software through which the library system operates.  

The entire staff of the school also has access to both libraries, allowing them to carry out research or make use of books in their various subject areas.